Commercial Door Hardware and Accessories

Starting from $12.00
Commercial Door Hardware
Starting from $87.00
Door Louvers
Starting from $79.00
Roof access hatch
Starting from $1,187.00
Automatic swing door opener
Starting from $2,450.00
access panels
Starting from $53.00
Starting from $135.70
Panic door hardware
Starting from $351.00
>Commercial door closer
Starting from $123.88
Door lite kits
Starting from $101.00
Security windows
Starting from $177.00
Floor access hatch
Starting from $1,138.00
Heavy duty continuous hinge
Starting from $137.73
Electrified door hardware
Starting from $368.00

Why You’ll Want to Work with Us at Amazing Doors & Hardware

Your entryway can create the right or wrong impression. If you want better door solutions for your facility, we’re here to help. Here’s why you’ll want to work with us.

Years of experience

We’ve been in business since 1985. That’s given us the expertise and experience necessary to provide you with a slew of door hardware products. From a Door Louver Vent to a Roof Access Hatch, a Continuous Door Hinge and more, you can count on us to deliver the solutions you need.

Legacy of excellence

With over 30 years in the business, our family-owned-business is already a solid fixture in the community. We are proud of the reputation we’ve built over the years and look forward to many more years of providing for your door hardware needs. Whether it’s a Commercial Door Lock or a Window Frame Kit, we’ve got you covered.


As one of the leading providers for commercial hardware parts for doors, we have an excellent reputation to back up our claims. Our selection of quality options also makes us the number one choice in the region.

Simple solutions

At Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC., we offer an online inventory system to make it easier for you to browse through our selection and shop. Our checkout service has been refined to make sure you enjoy a hassle-free shopping and checkout process.

Featured items

If you aren’t quite clear on what you need or you’re browsing around for ideas, don’t forget to check out our featured items section. That should guide you as you browse through our catalog.

Questions to ask

If there’s anything you want to know about us or our products, don’t hesitate to let us know. Reach out to us so we can provide you with all the information you need. Whether you’re shopping for new hardware for your door or if you’re simply checking out other options, ask.

Suggestions and advice

We know what works with your property. We’ve had years of providing suggestions for a range of facilities. If you’re on the lookout for suggestions or tips on what door systems will work or what upgrades to go for, then talk to us.

Customer service

Our staff is trained to respond to your inquiries politely and to provide as much help as possible. If you’re tired of dealing with companies that have rude or obnoxious staff to handle your inquiries, then you know where to go.

Ready to shop? Browse through our online inventory today.

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