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Security Access Control Systems by SDC-Security Door Control.

At Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC, we know that security is an essential component in protecting your office building. That is why we offer top of the line security access control systems that let you decide how high security should be. Whether you choose from our various forms of access controls, magnetic locks, magnetic door holder or electric strikes, you can be assured that you are receiving top quality products. We stand behind all of our security access control products and invite you to learn more about each method and how they can help you protect your assets.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes allow for doors and locks to be mechanically released. The type of configuration you will use depends upon the type of door and frame you have installed as well as the type of mechanical lockset. They come in different series including:

  • 15 Series
  • 25 Series
  • 30 Series
  • 45 Series

Each series of electronic lock is designed to provide the same function but work within different set ups. Each series is made with all stainless steel parts to fight off corrosion and increase the strength of the electric strike.

Magnetic Locks

Our magnetic locks are designed to work with any access control system. They can be used in perimeter doors, doors that require a fail-proof capability of emergency exits and any interior doors. Each magnetic lock offered by SDC offer a lifetime warrantee, guaranteeing never to let you down.

The magnetic locks offered by Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC, are able to be released instantaneously by remote control, a signal from a fire command center or even by access control. In addition, all of the magnetic locks offered by us meet stringent safety code regulations for both building and fire-life safety codes.

Access Control Systems

One of the most common types of security on any building uses a security access control system in the form of either a keypad or a card access system. These systems are designed to meet any security needs and many different platforms exist. Some options you can choose from include:

  • EntryCheck™ 918 Digital Keypad or EntryCheck™ 920 Digital Keypad  - A digital keypad where users are given an individual pin number. These systems can hold allow access for up to 500 individual users. This type of keypad should be placed directly at the access point of the building.
  • 925 Series Outdoor Digital Keypad - This particular system can be used at a door entry or a gate access location. With the capability of supporting up to 480 users, this access controller either triggers a gate to open or releases an electronic lock to allow users access inside.
  • EntryCheck™ E4KP Proximity/PIN Reader - This control system is a standalone device that does not require the use of any software or computers. Up to 650 users are supported and given either an access card that can be read up to 3" away or a pin to enter. Users can be given a combination of a card and a pin to ensure access at all times.

We offer plenty of access control solutions and the accessories needed to secure your building and provide safety measures as well. To see all of our available options, check out our access control system options online today. 

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