Access Doors and Panels

JL Industries Access Panels have a manufacture quality that the brand’s customers have come to depend on. These doors are stainless steel and have a lock for keeping it secure when not in use. 

These access panels come in a variety of styles: TM Series for Multipurpose, FD Fire Rated, Wallboard Flush Panel, PW Concealed Frame Flush Panel, CT for Acoustic Tile and Weather Resistant. Each of these access door styles are in a variety of sizes that range from 8” x 8” up to 24” x 48”. The powder coat finish is white. 

We offer the best in features to make your floor access panels and wall accesses fit securely, but also give you those extra features that can make all the difference in use. Some of those features are 2” thick doors with insulation and a continuous hinge. Some doors have a 1” flange and welded on masonry anchor. The concealed frame on a couple of our access doors makes the panel far less noticeable and less visually distracting. 

When selecting floor Access Panels or any other access product, you want something that is going to hold up over time, but be quick and easy to use. JL Industries Access Panels do just that and that’s why so many of our customers rely on these doors.

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