Concealed Continuous Geared Hinge

Continuous Warranty

Amazing Doors carries the Select brand of Concealed Aluminum Continuous Hinges. We do so because of their solid reputation for manufacturing durable, defect-free hinges. 

These Aluminum Continuous Hinges have literally been put to the test and survived. An independent laboratory found that they will do at least 25 million open and close cycles without failure. That is the equivalent of about 60 years of use as a high traffic door. Select guarantees they are free of failure – continuously. Contact the company for replacement if it ever gives you trouble. 

Some of the varieties we carry are:

Flush Mounted – These handle between 200 pounds – 1000 pounds, depending on the duty you select.

Narrow Frame Leaf – These have a door edge protector and are narrow in order to allow for weatherstripping.

Storefront – These are used without reinforcement for up to 600 pounds. Above that requires Rivnuts in the frame and door.

Door Edge Protector – These are for doors from standard duty up to heavy duty and low traffic up to high traffic. Most work on doors 1-3/4” in depth and 48” wide.

Use on Doors up to 1,000 pounds – These are for doors with 2 - 2-1/4” depth.

Use on Doors from 83” to 120” 

Some models offer colored finishes on the hinges in these choices: Clear Coat over Aluminum, Dark Bronze or Black.

Warranty Information

SELECT's Continuous Warranty™ covers any failure of our geared continuous hinges under normal use with no expiration date, as long as they are properly installed. The warranty has no time limit ... it literally lasts forever. If ever a replacement hinge is needed, building owners simply contact SELECT - at any time in the future. No one else in the industry can match it.

Please click here to view SELECT Hinges' warranty for its line of geared continuous hinges.

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