Amazing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: I placed my order, and my card was charged. When will my order ship?

A: Stock orders typically take about 3-4 business days unless otherwise specified, UNLESS it is a Made to Order Not Stocking item. If you ordered a made to order not stocking item orders typically take about 15-20 business days.


Q: How will I know when my order has shipped?

A: As soon as your order is shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number.


Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive once it has shipped?

A: Depending on the product you order, and your proximity to our warehouses, shipping typically takes about 3-5 business days.



Q: Do you have any Hurricane-Rated products?

A: Yes, we have 2 hurricane/high wind velocity approved vision lites and 1 louver. These are listed and labeled by Intertek/Warnock Hersey, Inc., a nationally-recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) approved by OSHA. VLFEZ-HRC VLFIG-HRC 1500A-HRC




In addition, the VLFEZ-HRC Vision Lite and 1500A-HRC Louver with Security Grille have been approved by the Florida Building Code for installation in appropriately-rated assemblies.


Q: What is the advantage of purchasing a door lite kit, individually-packaged with glass-glazing vs each component separately?

A: The PAK’s include the vision lite kit and correctly sized glass with the glazing for a 10B installation already applied. Each PAK is individually-packaged, reducing the opportunity for breakage and your time to assemble. Door manufacturers and contractors find that each box can be labeled for installation with the exact door number, cutting down on mistakes.


Q: I misplaced the screws to assemble the door lite kit.  Is it possible to buy the screws? The hole is cut but I can't install the window. Appreciate your assistance.

A: Yes, We can send replacement screws, they part number for these would be 12913-WT – they will be painted white to match the kit. Your cost on these is $1.25ea and these are currently in stock. I would think 16 screws would cover – but you may want to check the exact count. If you have the kits on hand you should be able to see how many screw holes there are and verify the count needed.


Q: We are looking for lite kits which can be used for 3’’ thick doors. Below is the model. Kindly let us know if you will be able to supply the same to us as custom made. Thanks.

A: The thickest door NGP makes a lite kit for is 2 ¼”.  We don’t produce a kit for a 3” door. I’m sorry! However, you can follow this link for more details: /national-guard-door-lite-kit-with-superlite-1-w-glass-and-glazing-tape/


Q: We are a glazing contractor and have a customer that is interested in your 1300 Series aluminum door vent. These vents would either need to fasten into a 2" thick aluminum door, or glaze into the bottom portion where a panel is currently, which is 15/16" thick. I'm not 100% sure if we could make these mounting options work. Also, these would need to have insect screens as they would be installed in an indoor butterfly sanctuary. I would like some added information, and also a price as they would be custom sizes, roughly 25" wide x 15" high. If these are glazed into a 15/16" pocket, would it be able to support itself with the pressure of the glazing stop.

A: My engineering dept. advised we can do this as a 1300A1, meaning on the product page under Mounting options just chose the 1300A1, the following link will take you to the require product for this order 1300A1 26W x 16H, if you actually need the 25w x 15h just added under comments and we can modify the louver. /air-louver-1300-series-26-w-x-16-h-self-attaching-aluminum-door-vent/


Q: I order a standard size door vent that also show availability in Stock and receive an order-acknowledgement showing 10-15 days’ lead time. I’ll like to know why?

A: The 10 to 15 working days lead-time is due to the finish and the screen on this one as we do not take a louver from stock and repainting and add the screen, we actually make a new louver with screen for you.


Q: I was surprised to see that the blades all run vertically across the short side rather than horizontally across the long side like in all the online representations, why?

A: Are you using this as 10w x 24h or 24w x 10h (this may be why the blades aren’t running the way you expected, you order a 10w x 24h instead of 24w x 10h) remember that door cutout = order size. when you order louvers you need to select size (Width x Height)


Q: How much control does the manual adjustment door louver offer - just open/close or can you also make it more or less open?

A: Correct you can adjust the blades as need it. Adjustable blade louvers are not design just to open and close, you can adjust the blade to the desire position.


Q: Need to know how to remove a cover leaf of an aluminum continuous hinge as well as needing to purchase a replacement cover.

A: I assume you are referring to the frame side of the SL57 model hinge.  This cover is a pressed fit and cannot be removed without destroying it.  Replacements are available and they are $18.00 net regardless of length or finish.  The part number is FC57 (hinge length) (hinge finish).


Q: I am looking for a couple of louvers for some cabinets. AL8001420 will work for me but I need to know how thick it is. I have a 3/4" thick door that this would be going in.

A: Minimum door thickness 1 3/8” and you’ll have to go with mounting option 800CORE, 800C, 800A.


Q: I am looking at your website, and you have a National Guard door louver L-700-RX listed size 18 w X 24 h in Dark Bronze, but I also need it with the insect screen.  Is this something you can get for me? 

A: Yes, we can help you with that and you can just add the screen to the order on the product page, please see the following link: /ngp-l-700-rx-self-attaching-no-vision-door-louver/  the screen option should be the very last one.


Q: I am interested in buying this: /air-louver-7-w-x-22-h-door-lite-kit-complete-individually-packaged-with-tempered-glass-glazing/  Is the silver color painted, or is it brushed aluminum? Is the glass clear?

A: The color is painted and the glass is clear.


Q: Bommer 3029-5" x 3.5" Double Acting Hinges-Satin Brass Plated, Clear Coated. Are the edges rounded or squared as in the picture of the 4" models?

A: Square edge


Q: Can you please tell me where the AIR LOUVERS 600 SERIES SELF-ATTACHING DOOR LOUVER is made?

A: All our products are Made in USA.


Q: Why is my order showing 20 working days for delivery?

A: When you add. options like Color, Heavy Gauge, Insect Screens, etc. can take up to 20 working days. The lead-time is due to the heavy gauge and the screen on this one, as we do not take a louver from stock and add this options, we actually make a new louver with the require options.


Q: I need to purchase Qty 2 of these galvanized roof hath /jl-industries-2-6-x-3-0-galvanized-steel-roof-hatch/ can you offer a discount and deliver within a week?

A: Yes, this is stock product. Go ahead and ordered we have an automatic $75.00 discount on all orders over $ 500.00 and free shipping within the continental U.S.


Q: The door I am getting, the panel is 1-1/8"?

A: Our louvers door thickness minimum requirement is 1 3/8”.


Q: How close is your color to the regular clear anodized?

A: The good thing about it is that our louvers are easily paintable so you can match any color.


Q: I am looking for a louver for a steel replacement door. The existing louver is a single fin with fin spacing at 2". The louver size is 24"w x 66 1/2" L.

A: Door Cutout = order size “Door Cutout:  Use the size of the louver that you order”


Q: What are the specs on your 6 gang vertical mailbox, primarily the rough opening?

A: Rough opening /bommer-9040-6-628-vertical-mailbox-for-6-tenants-natural-anodized-aluminum/   

Height    17 5/16”

Width     33 7/8”

Depth       6 1/2”


Q: I am looking for a door louver and have some questions. The measurements given...are those for the outside frame or the actual vent?

A: The measurements given is the actual louver. The exterior frame come with 1-1/4" trim


Q: I'm looking for a replacement louver for an outside toilet door for a private residence. The location is in Florida near the beach and the salty air makes everything rust very quickly. For this reason, I want one not so expensive as I will have to change it yearly.

A: My recommendation to you will be our 700A series with the (E) option, under Optional Features at additional cost: Select: (E) Electro Zinc Plating for Maximum Corrosion Resistance. /700a-two-piece-inverted-split-y-blades-door-vent/


Q: I am looking for 2 aluminum Y-blade louvered door vents. 18" x 30". Do you make this size? If not, do you know where I can go to find them?

A: The smallest stock size is 6" x 4" and the largest stock size is 24" x 80".  Several louvers can be placed together to create a larger size. Ordering a custom size is an option. Follow the link to your louver /air-louver-1300a1-18-w-x-30-h-aluminum-door-vent/


Q: Hi - I am purchasing an exterior entrance door for my beach house and am looking to add an enclosed mini blind. The door slab is 24" wide by 68" high. It will come with a full clear window panel (15x65). I am not sure how your Air Louver-15" x 65" Door Lite with Miniblind Built In installs? Does this replace my window panel or is it an add on?

A: Our miniblind kit would replace the current panel, it is not an add on. “Door cutout = order size.”


Q: I am looking to try to vent a pocket door that goes from my kitchen into the pantry. The pantry also leads to a wine room and the compressor puts a lot of heat into the pantry. I would like to vent it out, but still be able to keep the pantry door closed. Will any of your louver door vents fit tight enough on the door to allow it to slide into the pocket?

A: Take a look at the 1400A series louver and the various types of install.  They might work. It depends on gap and clearance in the pocket. The below link will take you to our 1400 series page so you need to select a size. /1400-storm-proof-aluminum-z-blades-louver/

You’ll need pocket width and door thickness and hopefully the track and hangers don't "wobble" that could cause a vent to hang up.


Q: I'm looking to purchase 2 ea. of the. Air Louver 800A1. Needs to be W6" x L6" or W6' x L8". Is this possible? And if so, about what's the cost? Color would be in the dark brownish range. Probably just standard frame, going on my laundry room door.

A: Hello Gregory, Free Shipping within the continental U.S…Please follow the links!




Q: I am writing to find out if you sell a door vent that has a muffling/noise reduction feature.  We have a computer server in a closet close to several cubicles.  We need a vent on the door to regulate the temperature, but there it is fairly loud for those working outside the door.  Can we replace the current vent with something more sound proof or at least that would minimize the noise?

A: Sorry, but we don’t have anything like this. Our louver are designed for air circulation not for noise reduction.


Q: Why do you use an electrostatic powder coat painting process for your door lite kits and door louvers?

A: Air Louvers uses this process because by electrically-charging the metal part, the paint is attracted to every surface, effectively sealing the part with a complete coating vs. a sprayed on paint that only partially covers the surface. The other reason is that this is the most environmentally-conservative process that is applied without VOC’s and employs a paint recovery and reuse system. No VOC’s are emitted from the finished product.  Most products are available in a choice of colors at no additional charge.


Q: What are the most durable finishes on the vision lite kits and louvers?

A: Optional finishes for each model are listed on the product page and may include:

Galvanized sheet for exterior use (not available on moveable louvers)

Electro-galvanized steel for exterior use

Stainless steel construction for exterior, medical or corrosive environments


Q: I would like to make my 6 panel hollow core kitchen door into a swinging door. The door is currently on standard hinges. From what I read, a light duty hinge like 7801 might work if there is enough wood at the bottom of my door. However, I am not sure if I would also need to cut off some of the door to allow space for the floor hinge mechanism. Also, it looks like there are different numbers after 7801- but I can't tell how the models might differ. Should I even try this on my current door, or should I buy a new door more suitable for swing hinges?

A: The door should work fine with the 7801 pivot.   

  1. There should be at least a 2” solid rail around the edge of the door to allow for the pivot cut out.  
  2. The gap at the bottom of the door needs to be 9/16” .  
  3. The gap at the top of the door needs to be ¼”  
  4. The gaps on either side of the door is ¼” for a total under sizing of ½”   

The numbers at the end of the part number identify the finish for the cover plates. ( The color ). 

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