Barn Door Hardware

Barn Door Hardware Kits

Amazing Doors stocks the Daiek Door System Barn Door Kits for installing your new Barn Door. These kits include only the hardware required for installing and hanging your new door. (The door is purchased separately.) Daiek has designed the hardware to not only make your barn door securely and neatly hung, but the door hardware becomes part of the beauty of the design.

This hardware is specifically designed for trouble-free operation and a beautiful finish. You should receive many, many years of ease and secure use of your sliding barn door with a gorgeous finish that lasts.

There are 4 styles available for the Barn Door Hardware Kits. Each style has the same rugged construction and is available in your choice of finely finished stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze or matte black.  Kits are a soft-closed system available in 4 Roller styles. These kits do not include: latch, track joiner (used to connect 2 tracks to cover a larger opening) or bypass joiner (used to make 2 doors bypass each other).


  • Bent Strap
  • Straight Strap
  • Arrow Strap
  • Top Mount

What’s in the Box:

  • Soft Close Device
  • Internal Floor Guide
  • External Floor Guide
  • Wall Mount Guide
  • Wall Spacer
  • Left & Right Stoppers
  • Lag Bolts
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