A Few Innovative Applications for a Heavy Duty Continuous Hinge

Aug 2nd 2017

Selecting the right hardware to finish a project can be as important, and sometimes even more so, than every step that went before. After all, if the hinges, bolts, nuts and other materials don’t provide the proper action and support, durability and performance cannot be assured. This is why heavy duty continuous hinges are selected for use in a variety of unique applications.

Also known as piano hinges, heavy duty continuous hinges are designed to run the full length of an item, such as a door. Providing a simple straight hinge that has two even sides, this type of hardware is favored in many applications for its ability to more evenly distribute weight and stress in a precise and uniform fashion. Created in lengths that may run up to six feet or more, this type of hinge can accommodate a diversity of needs.

Heavy duty continuous hinges are designed to provide smooth opening and closing functioning for heavy items when precision is a must and so is protection of delicate items. Often used, as their secondary name suggests, for enabling the opening and closing of piano lids, this type of hinge has many other applications. A heavy duty continuous hinge can also be the ideal hardware for use on:

  • Barn or garage doors that are meant to swing – Oversized, heavy doors often require a proper distribution of weight and stress to ensure a high level of performance. Heavy duty continuous hinges deliver the action required for barns and other places where doors will extend above average height. They are also commonly used for warehouse and blast doors.
  • Chests and toolboxes – When the tension of a piano lid is required for a storage chest, tool box or other item likely to be opened and closed frequently, heavy duty continuous hinges may provide the support necessary.

Selecting the right hardware for a job is important for ensuring proper functioning and durability. Thanks to their ability to disburse weight and provide for smooth opening and closing of delicate, but heavy items like piano lids, continuous hinges make the ideal choice in many scenarios.

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