ADA Door Clearance Information for Automatic Doors

ADA Door Clearance Information for Automatic Doors

Feb 7th 2015

ADA door clearance requirements vary between the 2010 standards and the 1991 standards. Many of the sections were updated in 2010 to better define regulations and require more practical applications. Door clearance is one of those items that were updated in 2010.

ADA Door Clearance

Maneuvering clearances were not required for automated doors in 1991 Section 4.13.6, but in the 2010 they are. The new requirement is to have maneuvering clearance for ADA door clearance at the automatic door or you must provide standby power that will power the automatic door when the usual source of power is out. While this might provide a large financial burden for a company that is attempting to comply with the regulation, the ADA EZ Wire-Free Automatic Door Opener can affordably comply with this standard in many situations.

The ADA EZ Wire-Free Automatic Door Opener will recharge its battery by manual operation. So, if you have a door that is located in a busy area where 75% of the traffic through the door uses manual operation, this will solve the problem of an alternate power source in case of an emergency. This automatic door opener will make having space to maneuver not be a requirement. This particular door opener is a very affordable choice for small businesses that are looking to comply with ADA door clearance requirements.

ADA Regulations

There is a publication called Guidance on the “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.”

This publication gives in-depth information to help you meet the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Most questions you have about complying with the ADA will be answered with that booklet, but if you need more information on ADA door clearance then you can call the ADA Information Line at 800-514-0301 or 800-514-0383 for TTY.

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