Benefits of Aluminum Louvers

Jun 17th 2017

Aluminum louvers are inserts installed in interior or exterior doors that are meant to promote the freer circulation of air. These louvers, also called door vents, are often used to retrofit existing doors to enhance ventilation within a commercial, industrial or even residential structure. While many materials may be used to make door vents, aluminum louvers are considered a superior choice in many settings.

When aluminum louvers are installed, the primary benefit is the enhanced ventilation or circulation provided. This is necessary primarily due to advances in construction techniques. While today’s construction is most certainly more energy efficient, there are drawbacks to near-airtight designs.

In the frenzy to create ways to keep cooled or heated air inside a structure, designers forgot the need to also provide for adequate ventilation. The end result of tighter seals, better insulation and improved doors and windows is a circumstance in which indoor air may only infrequently be exchanged for fresher, cleaner air from the outdoors. Even when this occurs, the amount of time an air exchange is likely to take place might be dramatically limited. Door vents help solve this concern.

When aluminum louvers are selected, these benefits are likely to result from their installation:

  • Improved ventilation and circulation – Aluminum louvers installed on exterior doors allow for an ongoing, but controlled exchange of interior air with fresh air from outside. Similar louvers used on interior doors promote better air circulation throughout a building.
  • Improved air quality – One of the more serious drawbacks to airtight building designs is that fact that stale and sometimes contaminated indoor air is trapped inside. When aluminum louvers are installed, chemical fumes, cooking odors, cigarette smoke and other potential hazards can be safely vented outdoors while fresh air is allowed in.
  • Reliable performance – Aluminum louvers are often preferred because this material is easy to maintain and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Although favored for its lightweight nature, some aluminum louvers are built to be durable enough they rightfully earn storm-grade ratings for use on exterior doors, as well.

Aluminum louvers provide a safe, effective and efficient workaround to provide better air ventilation and circulation within buildings. This material is often the best choice because of the quality and durability offered.

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