Benefits of Installing a Fire Rated Louver Door Over Traditional Doors

Jul 24th 2017

Today’s airtight building construction methods create a real challenge for those interested in maintaining indoor air quality. While heavily insulated, well-sealed rooms and doors keep costly conditioned air inside, they also prevent the replenishing of stale, potentially contaminated indoor air with fresh air from outside. This is where vented louvers come into play as devices to promote a freer air exchange without compromising heating and cooling efficiency. Installing a fire rated louver door over traditional doors in commercial, industrial and some residential settings is the superior choice in many scenarios.

Fire rated louver doors are distinct designs meant to provide the benefits of both fire protection and enhanced ventilation. This type of heavy duty door is meant to provide protection from heat and smoke in the event of a fire, essentially serving as a temporary blocking point that may enable evacuation through other routes should a fire be right outside the door. Fire rated louvers are uniquely designed to work in conjunction with similar rated doors by offering their own built-in protection from heat and flames. These louvers have a special spring-loaded fusible link that provides protection in the event of a fire. If the link melts due to high temperatures, the action bar will close and lock all of the blades, enabling the louvers to stop smoke from reaching the interior of a room.

Fire rated louver doors are intended to provide these benefits:

  • Enhanced security in the event of a fire – A fire-rated door can keep smoke and flames at bay for a time, providing people inside a room time to safely evacuate. This type of door is required by code in some buildings, but can make a smart choice as a matter of course. In a fire emergency, every second can count.
  • Enhanced air ventilation – Fire rated louvers are meant to provide the best of both worlds. When there is no emergency, these louvers serve to promote improved indoor air quality by allowing for a better flow of air. The improved ventilation can help remove contaminants from indoor air while also promoting a more efficient circulation of conditioned air.

Fire rated doors are simply a must in many commercial and industrial settings to provide enhanced safety in an emergency. Fire rated louver doors provide the benefits of protection while also promoting better ventilation to improve indoor air quality.

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