Commercial Application of Heavy Duty Pivot Door Hinges

Commercial Application of Heavy Duty Pivot Door Hinges

Oct 21st 2017

There are all types of hinges designed for different applications. Depending on the kind of door assembly you need to install or the type of action you want your building or corridor opening to have, you can choose from a wide variety of hinge types and designs to achieve your desired purpose. Hinges provide flexible points from which doors can swing in the proper direction. They are also designed to support the weight of the door installation. Heavy duty hinges are recommended for high-traffic and commercial applications where doors are frequently swung open and shut. Pivot door hinges are most commonly used in these kinds of environments, because doors in these buildings require more flexible action than unidirectional doors mostly found in typical homes.

Pivot door hinges allow door leaves to swing in both directions. These are especially important in places like restaurants, commercial buildings, offices, and even cabins, where doors need to be able to open and close in any direction. Heavy duty pivot door hinges enable easy door movement and action from either side. This makes them ideal for extra high traffic locations where doors are constantly used to enter or exit different areas.

Heavy duty door hinges come in a variety of materials, among the most common of which are brass and stainless steel. These materials are extremely durable and are especially built for the kind of stress that heavily trafficked commercial locations can subject them to. When searching for the right pivot hinge to use for your commercial application, make sure to look at expert reviews to check on the quality of material, durability, average price, and ease of installation and general use and upkeep of the heavy-duty component you are choosing. Finding the similar type of pivot hinge that was originally installed with your door assembly is also ideal to ensure the smooth movement of your entrance/exit doors.

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