Commercial Door Locks with Best Prices - Awesome Customer Service

Commercial Door Locks with Best Prices - Awesome Customer Service

Nov 5th 2018

Commercial door locks are one of Amazing Doors’ specialties. But the reason contractors and building maintenance personnel keep returning is the caring, professional and knowledgeable customer service. That makes all the difference for our customers.

Commercial Door Locks

Most of the locks we carry are PDQ Locks brand, one of the best in the business for commercial door locks.

Amazing Doors carries: 

  • Mortise Locksets in a Variety of Styles 
  • Cylindrical Ball Knob 
  • Interconnected Commercial Locks 
  • Extremely Heavy Duty Locks 
  • Non-Cylindrical Commercial Locks 
  • Double Cylinder Locks 
  • Electric Door Locks

Electric Door Locks

One type of lock that is usually overlooked is the electric door lock. These types of locks have so much to offer in lock control for a commercial building that they should be used more often.

Advantages of Electric Locks:

  • Ease of keyless entry 
  • Enhanced safety 
  • Remote access for better control

Most electricians are well versed in installing these types of locks. So, it isn’t a major project to switch to the electric type of locks for your building. They are usually used on the entry points on the outside of the building, but if you have rooms that need better control such as a computer data room, this is the lock to use.

Whether you’re replacing just one door’s locks or you’re buying to install locks for a new hotel or hospital, we are ready and able to help you with that. Our prices are competitive and the commercial door locks that we carry are always well-made in the USA. The PDQ brand is the one we prefer due to their higher standard of quality. They deliver the right product at the right time. This brand is preferred by most architects, facility owners and contractors. Give us a call today and we will help you select the right commercial door lock for your doors.

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