Oct 12th 2016

In commercial and industrial establishments where the footfall is heavy, there arise many maintenance issues. One of these issues are door hinges that frequently fall prey to the high circulation volumes that these establishments deal with each day. Keeping this in mind, using suitable door hinges that are designed to handle a large amount of door swings each day can be the solution. Modern, double acting spring hinges are just the right thing for your door.

Double acting spring hinges are the kind of hinges that allow a door to swing both ways when pushed, and then bring it back to the “closed” position. Think of the saloon doors you may have seen in many Hollywood movies, where the cowboys come bursting into the bar. Those swinging doors behind the cowboy are able to do so because of double acting spring hinges.

Consider a busy restaurant where there is a lot of activity to and from the kitchen. Opening and closing the kitchen door frequently may result in wearing out of the hinges. Installing double acting spring hinges here will ensure that there is lesser effort on your part, and the hinges are preserved for longer. These hinges keep the door functioning as it should for a longer period of time.Such hinges also function as a deterrent to animals from entering a premise, without restricting human entry. While humans can easily push open a door with such hinges, it is difficult for animals to do so.

If you are thinking of opening a café or another such commercial establishment, consider hanging on to the modern double acting spring hinges for your doors.

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