Heavy Duty Security Hinges with Color Options

Heavy Duty Security Hinges with Color Options

Nov 5th 2018

We stock heavy duty security hinges and continuous hinges for your commercial door needs, both interior and exterior. Most of these hinges will have an option for special ordering the color you want.

Heavy Duty Security Hinges

The heavy duty security hinges that we stock and sell come in a wide variety of sizes. But what if you want it in a special color? Our stock continuous hinges come in a clear finish, giving a protected, but natural metal look. When you want to match your door or wall color, painting it yourself will void the warranty. So, it is important to have the manufacturer do the painting for you. This way it is done properly and you’ll have a hinge with a warranty for a long life. We can have the manufacturer match any paint color.

These hinges are anodized after machining to give superior durability to last many years. This is a special process that make the continuous heavy duty hinges that we sell far superior to others you’ll find on the market. If you’re going to invest in a hinge that is going to be protecting your building from unwanted entry, then you should have the best.

When LEED requirements are something you’re going to need to meet, then we have you covered. Our hinges meet the requirements. They are made from recycled aluminum and reduce environmental impact.

Fire-rating is usually a concern with commercial doors and our hinges come with a 90 minute fire-rating. You can special order up to a 3-hour rating, if you need it.

Coated fasteners come with your new heavy duty hinge and they provide additional corrosion protection, keeping your hinge working well for many years.

Shop on our website for our varied selection of our heavy duty security hinges. If you have any questions or need help finding what you need, please give us a call.

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