Importance of Installing Security Louvers on Your Door

Nov 8th 2016

Louvers used to be preferred decades ago to add some personality to a door. They did not just serve a practical purpose – they also looked great with the overall decor of the house. The trend slowly faded away until recently when louvered doors became all the rage again.

These days, new homeowners are getting doors with small or full-size louvers installed on them. People renovating their homes are also getting louvered doors installed with color-coordinated hinges in their homes.

Louvers serve the primary purpose of ventilating an area where they are installed whether it is on the windows or doors. Closets, bathrooms or the entrance all can be fitted with louvered doors. They provide fresh air while throwing out the stale air from the area. Stale air can make the closet and its contents develop a foul smell. Because of humidity germs also flourish in such environment. Security louvers are especially useful in keeping closets and storage rooms properly ventilated since the doors to these are kept shut for the most part of the day.

Louvers are also useful on the bathroom doors and windows since they can help keep the privacy of the user while also circulating fresh air. For entrance, louvered doors can help save you from the prying eyes of the outsiders and still bring in fresh air and light, simultaneously. Most louvered doors of today are easy to clean and maintain as well.

You can also get screens and mesh installed on one side of the louvers to stop insects and pests from entering the space between the louvers. Double louvered doors offer the best security and can act as a shield against weather, insects, small birds and animals, and even force-entry attempts.

Louvered doors are perfect for the modern homes. They look great with any type of decor and add some personality to the house in addition to serving a need. Made out of strong materials, louvered doors of today are not easy to break in; most of them are made to resist forced entry. Added security options such as screens and mesh can help you keep you even safer inside your house.

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