Important Facts about Heavy-Duty Pivot Hinges

Nov 8th 2016

A pivot hinge is installed on the floor as well as the top of the door frame. Pivot Hinges are usually used on extra-heavy or high-traffic doors. They can bear a lot more weight as the weight of the door is supported by the bottom arm and the floor rather than the doorframe. This reduces the stress on the frame and prevents the door and frame from sagging.

There is a huge selection of Pivots hinges including adjustable tension surface mounted and mortise pivots. You can also come across a wide array of commercial storefront door offset pivots and center hung door pivots as well.

The choice of type of hinges mainly depends on:

  • Application, whether the use is for doors, gates, cabinets, ventilators, etc.
  • Location, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Use, whether for industrial, commercial, residential, public offices, schools etc.
  • Door mass.
  • The frequency of use.
  • Hinge mounting surfaces and location.
  • Hinge material, maintenance, painting coats etc.

When you take the above factors into consideration, you can decide the requirement for the use of heavy-duty pivot hinges. If it is for the movement of heavy doors, such as in a school where the frequency of usage is high and outdoor uses like school gates, heavy-duty pivot hinges come to the rescue. In such cases, heavy-duty pivot hinges become the ideal choice. Similarly, any other use of heavy-duty pivot hinges will depend on these factors.

A door weighing 500kg and above with a frequency of use being more than 5000 full cycle operations per day will require heavy-duty pivot hinges.

Some location preferences will decide the use of heavy-duty hinges with dust controlled seals. Most of these heavy-duty hinges remain maintenance-free for many years. Such heavy duty pivot hinges are mostly made out of materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel that require no painting while these hinges are robust and suitable for use in outdoors as well as indoors, at the same time.

Regarding the security and other safety requirements, heavy-duty pivot hinges, like many other hinges, should confirm to the local federal codes for fire performance, disability codes to help the differently-abled individuals and security codes for tamper proof performance.

Some doors have pivot hinges which allow doors to open in both the directions and return automatically to the closed position. Also, the condition of the surface on which these heavy-duty pivots are to be mounted has to be inspected and strengthened depending on other factors like door mass and the frequency of use etc.

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