Inside Basement Hatch for When Basement Doors are Outside

Inside Basement Hatch for When Basement Doors are Outside

Jan 22nd 2015

A basement hatch gives you the convenience of being able to access the basement from inside the warehouse. Many old buildings only have doors on the outside of the building that give you access to the crawl space or storage. This makes it very inconvenient to do your work under the floor or grab some stored equipment when it is raining or snowing outside.

Basement Hatch Floor Door

A basement hatch gives you an aluminum frame with a door that closes off the hole that goes into the storage space under the floor. They come in several designs. sells various floor hatches:

  • RFD – Floor Door with Recessed Door
  • FFD – Fire Rated Floor Door
  • AAF – Aluminum Angle Floor Door
  • AAF-LR Aluminum Angle Floor Door LR Retrofit Model
  • AGF – Aluminum Gutter Floor Door

Each of these basement hatch doors has their own special features to fit your project perfectly. For some, a fire rated basement hatch is what they need to protect the wiring or equipment that is under the floor from the heat of a fire. Others might need a door that is flush with the floor or has a gutter around it to keep water from pooling on the floor door. Some projects require a grated door. Amazing Doors sells many styles with many features so that you are sure to get the door you need to build your indoor basement access.

Aluminum Floor Doors

When you are purchasing a basement hatch, read through all the specifications on each of the different styles of floor doors. Measure your project and check everything twice. Mistakes can be costly and are not always easily remedied. If you have questions, feel free to call the customer service number so we can answer any questions that you might have about which door is right for your project and how to install your new basement hatch.

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