Most Popular Uses of JL Industries Access Panels

Mar 24th 2017

Access Panels are increasingly used in residential and commercial spaces. One of the reasons for the soaring popularity of JL Industries Access Panels is the finish and quality of the panels. These panels fulfill the need for a utilitarian but discreet service area that can meet various requirements. We unveil the curtains on this versatile offering from JL Industries that also helps to lift the appearance of interiors and exteriors.

Panels to house electrical or allied applications

Electrical circuits, cabling, junctions or sprinklers require the provisioning of spaces to house components. Rather than leaving a trail of naked wires and components, it is always a great option to use access panels. These panels that are sturdy, offer great discretion with elegance. They blend with the surrounding surfaces, melting into walls and pillars with camouflaged effectiveness.

Ease of access at convenient locations

Residences or commercial spaces may have spaces where components can be housed. However, they may be at the most inaccessible and remote locations which will make it difficult and defeat the purpose. Access panels can be installed virtually at location, offering ease of access without destroying the looks of the surface. This makes it easy to turn on or turn off a system in the fastest possible time.

Smooth functioning with reliable latches

JL Industries access panels are manufactured with a high degree of precision. This makes opening and closing of the panels highly reliable. The concealed hinge, recessed door stop and cam latch combine to offer great user experience. With guaranteed flawless operation, these access panels will permit the switching on of lights or devices with one simple smooth motion. Manufactured from 16 gauge steel, the frame and door are sturdy offering greater durability.

JL Industries with a reputation for quality products brings expertise in manufacturing to deliver innovative products. The powder coated finish of the access panels lend them an elegance that will improve the esthetics of surfaces. The versatility of the access panels are heightened by the availability of customized sizes in minor increments. This makes the panels suitable to meet virtually any requirement.

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