Points to be Kept in Mind While Replacing Door Lites?

Points to be Kept in Mind While Replacing Door Lites?

Sep 21st 2017

A door lite helps add light and perhaps ventilation as well, and allows light and ventilation needs to be met. It can also give a particular space a bigger and brighter feeling. Some door lites come with interesting designs, and some even have an internal blind to enhance privacy. A door panel’s surround insert is composed of 3-pieces: the exterior molding, interior molding, and glass sandwich. Over the years, door lites may wear down and need to be replaced.

When replacing door lites, you have two options—either you replace the whole surround component (glass and frame), or you only replace the glass frame and reuse the original glass. There are four measurements that you must take note of when replacing door lites.

The required measurements are the following:

  • Glass size – Width and height of glass within surround (get the measurement of the entire glass and not just the visible part)
  • Glass thickness – Thickness of the glass sandwich
  • Tip to tip - Height and width of the outer edge of the rim
  • Cut-Out size: Width and height of cut-out in door

Replacing an existing door lite is a relatively easy task, although it can get a bit complicated if cutting into steel is required. If you don’t feel at ease using a jigsaw, it will be best if your hire the services of a professional. Also, remember to be extremely careful when handling glass. Here are the steps in replacing an existing door lite:

  1. Remove screws from the existing door lite trim. Remove the trim from both sides of the door and remove the glass as well. It’s best if you have someone on each side of the door so that the glass won’t slip.
  1. Insert the replacement door lite trim in one side’s opening. Next, insert the glass from the other side and put the other trim piece in place.
  1. Install the door lite with the screw holes inside. Cover the screw holes with cap covers for a finished look.
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