Some Important Facts About Double Acting Pivot Hinges

Jan 9th 2017

Working in tandem, a pair of double acting pivot hinges control the opening and closing of doors with smooth precision. Devoid of jerking movements or jarring noises, these hinges are sturdy and have come to slowly replace door closers. This quick preview of double acting pivot hinges will give a fair idea of about the hinges and how they add value to residences and offices.

Double swing action to permit free ingress and egress

The double swing action of pivot hinges permit the doors to be opened in both directions. This permits free movement of individuals in areas where footfall is heavy and quick. Doors that open on one side will severely restrict movements’. The pivot hinges open and close smoothly and at reasonable speeds without creating the fear of doors slamming onto individuals.

Hinges with flexible options of surface, mortise and box models

The pivot hinges can be installed on doors and floors with flexible options such as surface pivots, mortise pivots and box models. The different options permit installation in different surfaces. The combination is available in brass, steel and chrome plating. All models exercise greater control over the doors because of the strong and sturdy installation.

Non handed to facilitate flexible installation on doors

By virtue of being pivot hinges, they can be installed on doors that are both left handed and right handed. This flexibility helps easy installation, without having to make suitable adjustments, because hinges that are designed for installation on doors that open on particular sides call for careful installation.

Concealed from view to blend with door and jamb

The hinges are installed in such a manner so as not to be obtrusive or conspicuous. They melt into the surroundings while performing smooth and seamless actions in facilitating the ingress and egress through doors. When the hinges come in view and are observed, the color and finish lend an aesthetic look.

Universal and elegant colors to match themes

The pivot hinges are manufactured in colors that are universal and elegant to match all themes. They are also primed to accept any colors to meet specific color requirements. The material and the finish combine to offer a visually appealing factory finish.

Double acting pivot hinges are sturdy components in homes, giving doors smooth movements over extended period of time. These marvels showcase the advances in precision engineering. 

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