The Insight Benefits You Need to Know Regarding Bommer Hinges

May 30th 2016

If you are looking for hinges, you would have realized that the most important factors while purchasing hinges is knowing the door height, weight, width, thickness, and trim dimensions. Once these are available, one has to find the best door hinges.

Bommer hinges are amongst some of the best hinges available in the market. Bommer hinges are the benchmark as far as hinges go and are manufactured by Bommer Industries, Inc. – an American company founded in 1876. The company is known for its quality and innovation and has set the standard for excellence. The unique selling proposition of Bommer hinges is also the fact that they are made in the USA.

Bommer Industries offers an exhaustive line of architectural grade butt hinges, continuous aluminum geared hinges, specialty door and gate pivots, and high-quality lavatory hardware. It produces most varieties of door hinges including their world-renowned double-acting spring hinges, the industry leading line of single-acting spring hinges and spring pivots, gravity pivots, and continuous geared hinges.

Each Bommer hinge is crafted to operate in industrial environments under heavy-duty and extreme conditions. What set the Bommer hinges apart from the competition is their durability, long-lasting nature, and dependability. Unlike common hinges, they do not wear out easily or require frequent repairs in spite of frequent use.

Bommer hinges represent the pinnacle in craftsmanship. They are as advanced today as they ever were. The types of hinges manufactured by the company are full mortise, half mortise, full surface, and half surface hinges. The styles include wide throw, raised barrel, slip in, swing clear, and anchor.

A hinge is an important part in the construction of a door to ensure that it is secure. They stay unobtrusive, yet serve an extremely important function. But quality alone will not suffice. It is vital to ensure that the right hinge is installed on every door. If the hinge specifications are not as per requirement, the door will not operate as desired and even the best hinge will malfunction.

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