The Ultimate Guide to High-Quality Bommer Hinges

Jul 21st 2016

A good quality door hinge is very necessary for having a well-designed door. Though it constitutes a small part of a door’s hardware, they serve an important purpose. These are essential for the functionality of your door. Door hinges attach one edge of the door to the frame and enable the other edge to swing, allowing what is otherwise a plank of wood to actually be identified as a door.

If you are searching for hinges for the door of your office or home, you will find Bommer hinges suitable for all your needs. Bommer is a 125-year-old company which manufactures high-quality door hinges in the USA. Bommer’s products are durable, versatile, and dependable. They function well in heavy-duty conditions and rarely need any repairs or servicing. Bommer hinges come in different categories like Double Acting Spring Hinges, Swing Clear Hinges, Wide Throw Architectural Hinges, Pivot Hinges, etc. to name a few.

Here are few tips you will find useful when purchasing high-quality Bommer hinges

  • Enumerate your needs: The first thing you should do before buying door hinges has figured out your needs. You need to consider the uses of the door, where it will be installed, does it require extensive or heavy duty applications, etc. By figuring out the purpose of the door, you can easily decide which type of door hinges is best for your requirements. Aluminum hinges are well-suited to domestic use while steel should be used for commercial doors. Garage doors should be fitted with spring edges.
  • Measure the door: After determining the purpose of the door the hinges that need to be fitted on, the next thing you have to do is measure its size and list down all specifications like height, weight, dimensions, thickness, etc. Exterior residential door hinges come in different size and zigzag patterns while interior door hinges have an arch pattern.
  • Count the number of hinges: Lastly, you need to count the number of hinges required. Most doors have three hinges. Count the number of doors in your house or office that need new or replacement hinges. You should list it down to avoid making a mistake.

Bommer is leading suppliers of superior quality hinges. They are very easy to install without any additional costs and hence preferred by many contractors and carpenters who work on doors. Bommer hinges are an excellent value for money investment. If you want to get more details about them, you can always contact a trusted seller of Bommer Hinges.

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