Tips to Install Heavy Duty Pivot Hinges Perfectly

Jul 13th 2017

Heavy duty pivot hinges are the preferred mounting hardware for heavy commercial or industrial doors. When they are installed properly, these hinges provide the support heavy doors require while ensuring smooth opening and closing. This type of hardware also prevents heavier doors from closing too rapidly, which can result in accidents. Installing pivot hinges properly is the key to ensuring excellent performance and reliability.

While the directions for pivot hinge installation may vary somewhat based on the type selected and the intended application, these tips can help:

  • Be sure the right size hinge is selected – Pivot hinges may vary in their overall size. It is often recommended that about 1/8” of material is left on either side of a pivot hinge after it is fully installed and mortised. That means hinges should be selected that are about a quarter-inch smaller in width than the thickness of the surface that will be mortised be it the frame, box or door. Leaving less than an 1/8” on each size can compromise the integrity of the hanging job and may lead to damage to the door.
  • Make sure the weight rating is appropriate for the installation – Heavy duty pivot hinges are intended for use with weightier doors. Even so, it is important to understand the weight rating before selecting hinges. Especially heavy installations may require more than two hinges.
  • Follow templates and instruction closely – Most heavy duty pivot hinges will come with templates or instructions to guide installation. Follow these carefully to ensure the final installation is properly performed. Some pivot hinges will require the creation of a recess within the door frame itself, which may demand such tools as a butt marker and chisel, among others.

Heavy duty pivot hinges are designed to deliver the support and smooth movement commercial and industrial doors require. To ensure a proper installation, it is critical to select the right size hinges for the door and the proper weight rating. Mounting instructions and templates are generally available to ensure proper installation based on the precise hinges selected. If a more complex installation, such as revolving door setup, is desired, it can be helpful to consult with professionals. That type of installation will require the use double-acting pivot hinges in a unique configuration.

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