Top reasons to Install Aluminum Access Hatch in Your House

Jan 4th 2017

Access hatch in your roof is a practical utility that is definitely a necessity. It enhances accessibility by seamlessly blending with surrounding interior fixtures. Aluminum and steel are predominantly chosen over other materials that are used in the manufacture of roof hatches.

Access hatches need to be sturdy and durable as it is a direct link between a house and the exterior or attic. Access hatches permit easy maintenance and cleaning of equipment located on the roof of the building. The hatch has to be easily accessible but at the same time secured with a fail safe and sturdy locking system. If the access hatches are not made to specifications or precision, significant heat loss and air leaks may occur. This could turn out to be a problem in cold climatic conditions.

Ideal requisites for an access hatch

  • The roof access hatch must be well insulated and weather proof to sustain both heat and cold.
  • It should be easy to handle and require minimal maintenance.
  • It should be easy to lock for security purpose.
  • It should withstand severe weather conditions
  • Roof hatches can be either sliding or retractable type
  • It generally comes along with a roof access hatch ladder for easy access that can be towed.

Why aluminum is a good option

The properties of aluminum render it an amazing option to use as an access hatch. Its lightweight, yet durable structure makes for a sturdy access hatch. It is very resistant to corrosion and rust if maintained properly. It is strong enough to withstand hurricanes. Roof access hatches usually come with aluminum ladders. Aluminum is considered to be highly recyclable material.

Strength and color of hatches and ladder

The ratio of aluminum to other metals as an alloy determines its strength. The hatches come in a variety of colors and finishes, blending with the home interiors and providing seamless finish. The access hatches are custom made as per the requirements of the home owner by renowned companies. Some of the access hatches are reinforced with fiber glass for additional protection and insulation.

Choosing a reputed company with expertise for installing roof hatches is key to a good product, as a professional finishing is mandatory. This also ensures high quality roof materials and superior craftsmanship. After all, who wouldn’t want experienced hands working on the safety of their home?

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