Why Does One Require Roof Access Hatches?

Jun 17th 2017

Roof access hatches are upgrades that can be added to most homes and buildings, depending on the style of roofing they have. While most commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, some homeowners may find these portals are quite useful for them, as well.

Roof access hatches are designed to provide easy entry from the upper level of a building to the exterior roof. While they are similar to standard attic access hatches cut into ceilings, the designs of roof hatches are quite unique. Since they are partially exposed to the weather on the topside, these structural additions tend to be made to withstand the elements while also providing some security features to ensure undesired entry is not gained from the outside.

There are many reasons why builders choose to install roof access hatches during the initial construction phase on a property. These hatches may also be added to existing construction. Here are just some of the reasons why roof access hatches might be required:

  • Building maintenance – It is quite common for larger commercial, residential and industrial properties to have roof access hatches included in their designs. By providing a way for workers to gain access to the roof directly through the uppermost floor, these hatches add convenience for routine maintenance. Gaining access to the roof area might be required for routine cleaning, to access HVAC equipment installed on the roof and for other reasons.
  • To enhance safety in an evacuation – In some evacuations, it is safer to go up before going down. When this is the case, roof access hatches enable workers or residents to access the roof before using exterior fire escapes, for example.
  • To enhance safety when access is required – By enabling ladders to be used from within a building’s interior to access the roof, hatches provide greater safety for people. Some designs even include safety bars to make the ascension even safer.
  • To transform a roof into a usable area – In some settings, flat roofs lend themselves well to serving as usable spaces for recreation. Roof access hatches can serve as the entry point for these areas, depending on the apparatus selected.

Roof access hatches serve many purposes. When fast, safe access is required on a routine basis, these hatches provide the perfect solution.

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