Bommer Double Acting Heavy Duty Pivot Hinges

Amazing Doors carries the Bommer brand of pivot hinges in light, medium and heavy duty builds and in a large variety of finishes and features. This is a category dedicated to all of these hinges in one spot for your convenience. If you don’t see the size or the options you need, always feel free to call us. We are happy to help find the exact product you need to complete your project.

Browse a wide variety of non-adjustable and adjustable pivot hinges, horizontal and vertical and gravity, single and double acting pivot hinges. The variety of finishes will provide you with the right choice to coordinate with your door hardware for a nice, finished appearance.  There are options for many of the styles of hinges to meet the needs of your commercial door projects. We have you covered no matter the level of traffic your door receives. You will find several options for light, medium and heavy duty hinges.

Bommer has been relied on by builders since they obtained their first single acting spring hinge patent in the mid-1800s in New York City. Not long after the founder, Lorenz Bommer, patented the first double acting spring hinge. This company has been a leader in commercial hinges ever since. 

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, a replacement, or a specialized hardware solution, Amazing Doors & Hardware has the best gravity pivot hinges for your project.


At Amazing Doors & Hardware, we offer a comprehensive selection of gravity hinges from Bommer Industries. Since first opening in 1876, Bommer Industries has been delivering high-quality hardware options for a variety of building, construction, or maintenance projects. The Bommer brand represents versatility and durability, which is reflected in their consistent delivery of high-quality products like the gravity hinge. As a long-standing supporter of American industry, Bommer crafts every door pivot in the United States.


We offer all of our gravity hinges at competitive prices to allow you to complete your building projects within budget. Every door hinge or pivot hinges is designed specifically to operate in a designated environment under light-, medium-, or heavy-duty conditions. Additionally, each pivot is either primed for painting or is plated already in Zinc, Bronze, or Chromium. These products are available in a variety of shapes, depending on the desired functionality of the gravity pivot hinges and the shape of the door or gate that it will be installed in. Hinges may be oil rubbed or clear coated for protection in heavy-traffic conditions, and they are also available with features such as adjustable spring tension.

For more information about our selection and availability of gravity hinge or door pivot hinges options, please call Amazing Doors & Hardware at (877) 433-DOOR. We look forward to assisting you with your hardware needs and building projects.


At Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC we believe in high-quality, dependable door pivot hinges and accessories. That is why we carry the full line of Bommer hinges.

Commercial Door Pivot Hinges

Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC carries the same quality spring pivot hinges and accessories that have been provided by the Bommer family for over 125 years. With a full range of commercial-grade door hinge products that offer a variety of mounting options and special applications, we know that the pivot hinges you purchase from Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC will surpass industry standards and provide you with a superior product.

Choose from the variety of Bommer Industries Products below to learn more about the commercial pivot hinges we carry at Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC

Residential Door Hinges

Like you, we want your home and belongings secure. That is why you trust in Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC to provide you with quality doors and accessories and we put our trust behind the long line of Bommer door hinges. Contact a representative today for information regarding door pivot hinges.

How to Select the Right Door Hinge?

There are multitudes of factors surrounding the appropriate door hinge and to help you get started, consider a few of these Bommer-selection suggestions:

  • Application – Consider the type of door and frame before selecting a pivot hinge.
  • Hinge Size – This is determined by the type of door, size of door, thickness, weight, how often it will be used and the clearance required to meet safety standards and regulations.
  • Hinge Type – This is determined by the weight of the door, how often it will be used, if it needs an anti-friction bearing hinge, etc.
  • Metal and Finish Type – This will be determined by the location of the door (indoor or outdoor), special conditions that might apply (such as being located in a medical facility) and the overall atmospheric conditions the door will be exposed to.
  • Special Hinges – There may come a time when a project requires a special hinge. These types of hinges can include raised barrels, electric hinges, etc. Contact an Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC representative today for more information regarding Stanley’s line of special hinges.

Doors that are up to 5-feet tall will require two door hinges. Any door above 5-feet will require one additional hinge for every 2.5-feet over the 5-foot mark. 

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