Commercial Door Closer

Meet the demand of a busy office, a front door entrance, or your business location doors with door closers that are available in a variety of types with excellent durability and performance features.  At Amazing Doors, we feature nothing but the best in commercial door closer and a high quality parallel arm closer surface door closer product that will last as long as your business or residence stands. 

We’ve been furnishing our clients locations with solid, reliable commercial door closer for years.  Now you can experience the durability and performance for yourself when we bring our products to you.  Our surface door closers are available with different choices in finish and different product specifications according to your specific choice.  We carry the top name brands and makes in commercial door closer products.  Our line of PDQ doorclosers sold by our company are the best automatic door closers available on the market.  Plus, we sell them at rates that are easily affordable and not over-priced. 

At Amazing Doors, our PDQ commercial door closer products incorporate special construction that is unmatched in durability in performance.

With the door closer we offer at Amazing Doors, we’ll ensure that your building features easy access for customers and employees.  Not only that, but with the right door closer, it will be easier for your business location to meet building standards and fire codes, as well as disability requirements.  There’s more of a reason than ever to look into long-lasting, durable commercial door closer.

Allow us to offer you the best in door closer products for your door entrances.  Our commercial grade door closer are high grade and high quality for long-lasting, durable performance.  


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