Amazing Doors and Hardware also offers commercial door locks and other commercial door hardware products. Its bestseller brands is PDQ Manufacturing, which has the finest security door locks, and HHI family of commercial door hardware. In Amazing Doors and Hardware, its commercial locks are diverse.

  • Auxiliary lock. This is the lock that comes with a deadbolt or latch bolt requiring a key, a thumb turn and sometimes, both. Often, the auxiliary lock is a supplementary to lock which is operated by levers or knobs.
  • Double-cylinder deadbolt. A type of auxiliary lock that needs a key to retract the deadbolt on either side.
  • Bored deadlock. Other terms for this are tubular and cylinder locks. This lock fits around the bored openings in the door’s edge or face. It can be key-operated and at such, the knob contains the cylinder.
  • Interconnected lock. This is the lock with a separate deadbolt and latch interconnected mechanically and mounted in round bored openings on the door’s edge and face. It is famous for its deadbolt security simultaneous retraction.
  • Mortise dead latch. The mortise dead latch is a type of auxiliary lock requiring a key or thumb turn on its dead latch, which fits in the cavity located on the door’s edge.

Other Security Devices

The Amazing Doors and Hardware has other security devices such as panic bar and exit device. It has crossbar and touchbar for panic bar devices or exit device for hollow metal doors, aluminum stile, wood doors, and rail doors. Amazing Doors and Hardware uses the best brands. 

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