Double Acting Spring Hinges

Double Acting Spring Hinges are also known as “saloon door,” because they allow the door to swing out and swing in. The door then swings back to the original center position. A single spring hinge allows movement in only one direction - either opening in or opening out then back to center. At Amazing Doors we carry the Bommer line of these hinges in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to complete your door hanging project. 

These steel Bommer Double Acting Spring Hinges are available in sizes that range from 3” to 8”. They are non-template, non-handed. The jamb flange is surface applied to the jamb. The ranges, depending if you use 2 or 3, can handle between:

35 – 143 pounds

2’ – 4’” door width

 ¾” to 2” door thickness

5’ – 7’ minimum door height

Finish choices for these steel Double Action Spring Hinges include:  Primed for Paint, Bright Black, Zinc Plated, Bright Brass Plated, Satin Brass Plated, Satin Bronze Plated, Satin Bronze Plated-Dark Oxidized-Oil Rubbed, and Satin Chromium Plated. 

Amazing Doors strives to be your best source for durable, long lasting hinges for all commercial door hanging projects, whether they are for double acting saloon doors or single acting.

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