Electrified Door Hardware

Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC understands that your property’s security is only as strong as the locks behind it. That is why we offer a full line of Command Access products to all of our business and residential customers. Command Access has been offering high-quality electric door locks and hardware since 1999. With a dedicated customer base and high satisfaction rates, there is no supplier we feel more comfortable working with than Command. Furthermore, with Command Access’s ever-evolving technology, you can rest assured that the electric lock you receive at Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC will be of the highest quality and utilize the latest technology.

Mortise Locks

Our electrified mortise lock give clients the ability to have remote keyless entry and egress control to their property. This mechanism is perfect for high-traffic areas where safety and security are of the utmost importance. All mortise locks are available in a variety of finishes, makes and models.

Cylindrical Locks

The line of electrified cylindrical locks gives our customers access to remote keyless entry for standard commercial applications. All locks are aesthetically pleasing and available in a variety of finishes, models and makes. Multiple voltages and functions are available upon request.

Exit Trim

Whether you need an application for your stairwell or just an area where a pullback is cost prohibitive, the exit trim electric door hardware from Command offers practicality and affordability. Meeting all life and life safety codes, this is the perfect solution for your establishment.

Storefront Exit Devices

High-occupancy areas need remote keyless access control in areas where exit devices are needed. These areas can include airports, churches, hospitals and grocery stores. With a low-energy push/pull mechanism, this is the perfect solution for your high-traffic establishment. Also available in architectural form for a more aesthetically appealing device.

Power and Signal Accessories

No electric door is complete without the right power and signal accessories. That’s why we carry a full line of power accessories that enhance all electronic devices carried in our store. From low-current to low-voltage designs, there is certain to be an accessory to suit your establishment’s needs.

Power Supplies

Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC carries a full line of cost-effective, high-quality power solutions for powering your exit devices. Utilizing PM200/PWM200 technology, our power supplies provide you with the right surge current to power your exit devices.

Power Transfer Products

Energy Transfer Hinges ( ETHs) and Monitor Hinges are perfect for keeping an eye on your door’s position. These will provide your door with low-voltage power from inside the jamb directly to the lockset without exposing crucial wiring.

Contact an Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC specialist today for a quote on your next electronic door and hardware purchase. With a full line of products exclusively from Command Access, we know that your establishment will remain secure and safe with products purchased at Amazing Doors & Hardware.

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