EMLock® Magnetic Lock

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, a replacement, or a specialized hardware solution, Amazing Doors & Hardware has the best type of electromagnetic door lock for your project.


At Amazing Doors & Hardware, we stock a variety of high-quality magnetic lock options that are priced affordably. Each electromagnetic lock is manufactured by EMLock, a brand that is highly respected for its durable and quality hardware products. Items made by EMLock are crafted with a lifetime warranty, which is why we at Amazing Doors & Hardware are proud to carry their magnetic door lock products and to recommend them to our customers.


Every magnetic door lock offered by Amazing Doors & Hardware can be released immediately by activation from a remote control, by a signal from a fire command center, or even by access control. Our magnetic lock products are designed to work compatibly with any access control system. Each lock has a designated holding force, ranging from 650 pounds to 1650 pounds. They can be used in perimeter doors, interior doors, and other doors that require fail-proof emergency-exit capabilities. In addition, all of our electromagnetic lock options meet stringent industry regulations for both building-safety and fire-safety codes. They are UL listed and ANSI Grade 1 compliant. Finally, EMLock’s simple-mount assembly allows your hands to remain free when wiring and securing your selected lock.

For more information about ordering from our electromagnetic door lock selection for your home or business, please call us at (877) 433-DOOR. We look forward to helping you find the best hardware solution for your project.

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