National Guard Flood Shield

New Product Line for Flood Protection

While we can’t find a product that will prevent hurricanes or stop rivers from rising, we have found the National Guard Flood Shields to help keep the water out of your home and businesses.

“What sort of evil sorcery is this?!” you ask? We guarantee it’s the good kind. Amazing Doors brings you the Flood Shield. This product mounts on the inside or the outside of the door frame to keep the rising flood water on the outside of your home or building.

When floods happen they can wipe you out financially with lost inventory, fixtures and household goods. Floods do more damage than destroy contents, though, they also ruin drywall, flooring and start a mold problem that can consume the building.

It is important to do everything you can to prevent the rising water from pouring in from under your doors. It could save you many thousands of dollars. Take a look right now at the many options we have in Flood Shields for your home or business.

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