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Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, a replacement part, or a specialized solution, Amazing Doors & Hardware stocks the best roof hatches for your building requirements. At Amazing Doors & Hardware, we offer a comprehensive range of roof access hatch and roof hatches that can be customized as needed.


Each roof hatch door we stock is manufactured by JL Industries. All roof access hatch from JL Industries enable you to access to the roof of a structure for easy HVAC maintenance and for maintenance of other roof-mounted equipment. In commercial structures, having a reliable roof access option allows easier removal or installation of large equipment and building parts on the roof. Generally, each of our roof access hatch options manufactured by JL Industries comes with roof access ladders and an easy-swing hatch door for complete and consistent access to important roof areas. 


Amazing Doors & Hardware carries several different types of roof hatches for specific functionalities. Usually, the function of each roof hatch door is related to the specific materials it is composed of. We provide customizable roof access hatch in aluminum or galvanized steel. In addition, several hatch door models also have features like safety railings and warning lights available for purchase.

Amazing Doors & Hardware is a reliable resource for roof hatches and ladders from JL Industries. To obtain more information about specifications for or availability of our roof access doors, please call us at (877) 433-DOOR. We look forward to serving your roof access hatch needs.


Roof hatches offer access to the roof of a structure for HVAC maintenance and maintenance of other equipment mounted on the roof. In commercial structures, roof hatches initiate removal or installation of large equipment or its parts. Generally, these hatches come with roof access ladders or roof hatch ladder to complete the access. There are different types of roof hatches and the materials they are made of. Amazing Doors and Hardware has a lot to offer when it comes to roof hatches and ladders. Amazing Door and Hardware provides custom roof hatches and aluminum roof hatches.

Aluminum Roof Hatches

Aluminum is an alloy made of pure aluminum mixed with few other metals. The ratio of these other metals combined with alloy determines aluminum’s properties and applications. When used with the right technique and proper tools, aluminum roof hatches are as strong and long lasting as that of a stainless steel. Aluminum hatches are easily recyclable and do not corrode or rust when given the proper care and maintenance. This is one reason why Amazing Doors and Hardware uses aluminum roof hatches and ladders. But of course, aluminum hatches are not recommended with fire-rated products because the heat can cause aluminum to melt. Amazing Doors and Hardware’s galvanized steel or aluminum hatches have several certifications for safety.

Custom Roof Hatches

Custom roof hatches as tailored-made or customized as per specifications of the house owner or building owner. Amazing Doors and Hardware uses only UL-listed products with double leaf smoke vent and 165 degrees Fahrenheit fusible link to have an automatic operation. The construction of its custom-made hatches is 11-gauge aluminum with insulated fiberglass, 14-gauge galvanized steel curb and gasket. The frame is fully-welded. There are pull handles for interior and exterior manual operation. But the torsion spring enables the operator to open the covers automatically. The hatches are of course equipped with shock absorbers to control the leaves’ speed when they open. Generally, the fusible links are easily replaced as part of their maintenance. Amazing Doors and Hardware can also replace the parts whenever.

Roof Access Ladders

The roof access ladders may also be made of aluminum. Like ordinary ladders, a roof hatch ladder has two hooks on its end. These hooks are used to securely attach the ladder to the peak of the roof so the climber can easily and safely move up and down the ladder on the roof. Amazing Door and Hardware provides specially-designed roof hatch ladders and roof hatches that both perfectly fit the roof. The company is known in Florida and beyond for its excellent services and high quality products. Each hatch roof and roof hatch ladder are certified by several safety standards both in the United States and other countries. It exclusively provides roof hatches and ladders from JL Industries. Besides these, Amazing Door and Hardware also offers fire extinguisher cabinets and fire extinguishers, and access panels in materials such as powder-coated steel when applicable, stainless steel, aluminum, and available in fire-rated and non-fire-rated models.

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