Select Heavy Duty Continuous Hinges

Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC knows that a door relies on a variety of components to stay functional. That is why we provide high-quality heavy duty continuous door hinges manufactured by the experts at SELECT. With SELECT products there is a hassle-free Continuous Warranty and all geared and pin and barrel hinges are guaranteed to last 50 years or 25 million use cycles.

Types of Hinges Offered

Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC carries a full line of SELECT geared and pin & barrel continuous hinges to suit any need. If you have questions about the types of hinges required for your establishment’s specs, contact us today.

  • Lengths – Currently we offer lengths ranging from 83-inches up to 120-inches (custom sizing is available as well)
  • Standard Duty – This is a medium-frequency door that can hold up to 200 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty – This is a high-frequency continuous hinge that can hold up to 450 lbs. without additional door frame reinforcements.
  • Heavy Duty (LL) – This is a heavy-duty variety that can hold up to 1,000 lbs. and includes lead-lined varieties.

Materials and Finishes

Just like other types of door hardware, continuous hinges can be created from a variety of materials and finishes. Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC carries a full range of materials and finishes from SELECT so that you can find the right hinge for your exterior door. For exterior-facing doors, we recommend opting for a stainless steel variety since it will be corrosion-resistant and stand up well against high-traffic or heavy-duty use.

We carry hinges created from steel, stainless steel, bronze and even brass. You can select a finish that complements the exterior of your establishment or matches the door itself. Our finishes range from primed to plated to polished and much more. All SELECT continuous hinges installed will provide a complimentary look to the exterior of your facility while providing functionality.

Additional Features

Amazing Doors & Hardware, LLC offers a full range of additional features and finishes to suit your company’s needs. Some of the features we offer with our SELECT Continuous Hinges products include, but are not limited to:

Fire-Rated – These are specifically designed for fire doors, such as those that lead into storage rooms.

Electric Hinges – These are specifically created to connect to various electrical units or monitoring devices and then control your establishment’s door.

Custom Colors – If your establishment’s door has a custom color, we know that you want your continuous hinges to still be aesthetically pleasing. That is why we offer customized colors and sizes in case your establishment needs a custom look.

Warranty Information

SELECT's Continuous Warranty™ covers any failure of our geared continuous hinges under normal use with no expiration date, as long as they are properly installed. The warranty has no time limit ... it literally lasts forever. If ever a replacement hinge is needed, building owners simply contact SELECT - at any time in the future. No one else in the industry can match it.

Please click here to view SELECT Hinges' warranty for its line of geared continuous hinges.


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