Stainless Steel Concealed Continuous Hinges

SELECT - Pin and Barrel Stainless Steel Continuous Hinges

Amazing Doors carries the Select Hinge brand of stainless steel Continuous Hinges in a variety of sizes and features. Select Hinge manufactures only door hinges and is relied upon for their superior workmanship. These are pin and barrel hinges that install concealed for a nice clean look. 

The advantage of the Continuous Hinge is that it distributes the weight of the door evenly. This avoids the problem of a heavy door pulling out a hinge after a few years of use.  These hinges are designed for 300 – 600 pound doors, depending upon whether they are in low or medium use. Select Hinge guarantees they will be free of workmanship and material defects for a period of at least 25 years. They are 3-hour fire rated, which is twice the geared hinges’ fire rating. 

These stainless steel Continuous Hinges are made with a US32D stainless steel finish and come in many length choices from 79” – 119”. They are made standard as dust-free, a requirement for medical building use. All of our continuous hinges are BHMA Grade 1 certified, (except those for toilet door partitions). 

Some optional features are Adjusta-Screw™ Fasteners that can correct up to a 3/8” variance, when you need to overcome frame problems. We also offer an optional door guard.

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