Steel Door and Partition Vent Louver

When you need louvered vents for doors that maintain visual privacy, Amazing Doors has everything you need. We have a wide selection of No Vision Stainless Steel Door Louvers that can be ordered in many different sizes, have powder coat color choices and optional features. You don’t have to “make do.” You can order the precise dimensions and features that you need for the steel doors and partitions that need venting. 

Louvers that are no vision allow for easy air flow, but still maintain the privacy of the person on the inside or outside of the door or partition. These types of door vents are suggested for dressing rooms, restrooms, computer rooms and other rooms where visual privacy is a concern. Even though the vent doesn’t allow a person to see inside or outside, the air still flows through as well as any of the louvers where vision is possible. 

All of our stainless steel door louvers with no vision come with numerous choices in sizes from 12” x 12” up to 26” x 26”. We also provide different mounting options and a choice between 14 different colored finishes.  Additional popular options offered on these louvered vents for doors are the security Torx Security Screws and the non-removable aluminum insect screen. Amazing Doors provides all the options you need for louvered vents for doors.

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